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FLIGHT ZONE is run by Chief Flying Instructor Neil Mersham who has been flying hang gliders locally in Byron Bay for over 30 years. He grew up in Byron Bay and knows the local wind and weather conditions comprehensively. This, he says is a huge advantage and such an important safety factor in running a successful operation that relies on the sound judgement of good winds and weather for gliding through the air.

He is a well-respected founding member of the local Club and is endorsed as local Safety Officer.

Neil was also a very successful competition pilot for over 15 years winning several major competitions.

Neil gained a broad range of flight skills and knowledge from the competition circuit and along with an extensive amount of local flight experience he has sucessfully run Byron Bay's Flight Zone Hang Gliding School since 1990, safely teaching and supervising thousands of people into this wonderful form of sport aviation.Fight Zone has safely taken up over 12,000 clients in the last 25 years.

       So come and do an Introductory Tandem Flight, or sign up for a Full Licenced Course.

                                 You will know you are in experienced company when dealing with FLIGHT ZONE.